#32 Nolasix


The vascular system is comprised of the arteries, veins, and capillaries that transport blood to all parts of the body, so it is absolutely essential that this system function normally. The herbs used in #32 Nolasix help maintain the vascular system, and may be beneficial to normal circulation without excessive bleeding.

    This product may be beneficial in:

    • Supporting normal cardiovascular function
    • Maintaining the normal integrity and function of the lungs
    • Helps promote normal pulmonary health
    • Poor behavior

    Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of (Bayberry, Rose Hips, Shepherds Purse, Yarrow, Panax Notoginseng, Echinacea, Eleuthero, Garlic, Mullein, Nettle, Capsicum, Dandelion, Boneset and Ginger) 5666 mg per tbsp. Scoop included.

    Inactive Ingredients: NONE

    Recommended use: 1 level scoop per day for 1000-1200 lb horse. There are approximately 60 scoops per 1 lb bag.

    Available sizes: E32-1 1 lb re-sealable foil bag

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