Online Business Snapshot

$100 $200

The Mondo Business Snapshot report is an overall look of your business' entire online presence. With this information you can gain insights (and a leg up over your competitors) on how to improve the way your business looks online. Our proprietary tool looks at the following scores delivered in online and printable formats within 24 hours of your purchase:

  1.  Listings - Can consumers find your business?
  2.  Reviews - Do consumers trust your business?
  3.  Social - Do consumers like your business?
  4.  Website - Can your business website convert visitors into customers?
  5.  Ecommerce - Can consumers instantly buy from you online? 
  6.  Advertising - Do consumers know about your business?
  7.  SEO - Can consumers find you in search?
  8.  How is this grade calculated?

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