Roughout Buckstich Belt


Made from the highest quality United States saddle skirting steer hides, this belt is hand cut to 1 1/2", hand edged, sewn with a natural thread, and finished off with the signature Texas Saddlery logo hand stamped by the fold. It is hand Buckstitched with latigo laced and lined with another piece of leather for comport. It includes a chrome wire buckle and chicago screw fittings so you can change the buckle for any occasion or wear it right out of the box. When we say hand made, we mean it.

Texas Saddlery is an Ellerman Brands Company.


  • Long lasting construction
  • Wire chrome buckle
  • Chicago screw fittings
  • Sewn with natural thread
  • Vegetable tanned leather construction
  • Handmade
  • Hand laced
  • Inner lining

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