The OG by Best Ever Pads


Our OG Collection saddle pad has been the core of the company since 2002. This top quality 100% needle-punched wool pad is 112 ounces per square yard, making it firm, durable and breathable. This pad is dark gray in color, and comes in several thickness options, to best suit your needs. 1" and 3/4" thickness. 

The OG Pad Is Ideal For:

  • Everyday riding: From everyday leisure riding to ranch work, the arena, or performance events the OG is an all-purpose saddle pad is great for work and play.
  • Barrel Racing and Gymkhana: The OG Wool Saddle Pad is perfect when you need a saddle pad that provides comfort in events with precise and controlled movements.
  • Team Roping and Ranch Rodeo: The OG Pad is great for quick, timed events, where it’s durability and compression protection benefit both horse and rider.

Saddle Pad Thickness:

  • The 3/4” pad is ideal for round back horses and trail riding or performance events like barrel racing, team penners, cutters, and reiners.
  • The 1” pad is great for average to high withered horses and everyday riding/trail riding or performance events like barrel racers, team penners, cutters and reiners.


Note: To customize with designer, prints, cowhides, gator, elephant, and floral wear leathers or to add lettering, images, or a brand please contact us. 

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